Bodyweight & Bands, Vol. 1

Does this sound like you?

Are you stuck working out at home, with limited space and equipment?

Are you tired of wasting  tons of time looking up "free" workouts online, only to find out they demo terrible form?

Do you want to increase your strength & muscle mass (aka "tone")?!

Bodyweight & Bands Volume 1 provides you with an amazingly flexible program, that you could either follow from start to finish (12 weeks!), OR mix and match as needed!


Get a great workout in anytime & anywhere! You can access the program from your desktop or via the Kajabi app on your tablet smart phone.
Have your workouts all cued up! You can choose to watch the videos if you need, or just the written workout.
Use the program to get strong and/or lean! You'll have all the info you need to modify the workouts to your specific ability levels.

Don't let anything stop you from getting a great workout in!

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Program Checklist

  • 9 full-body strength workouts, enough for 3x/week

  • 4 short (<15min) conditioning workouts that you can add onto any strength workout

  • 8 long (~30) , steady state conditioning workouts to be completed on your 4th training day!

  • 4 ab finishers to really smoke your core!

  • 4 gute finishers to create some beautifully well-rounded buns of steel!!

  • BONUS: Workout Tracker Template & Load Calculator to keep track of your progress!

Everything you need for a challenging workout

Different Workouts

35 Full-body strength, long & short conditioning workouts PLUS ab and glute finishers designed to be followed in sequence, or mix and matched!

Exercise Demos

Each workout will contain written instructions plus videos so you can see exactly what you should be doing!

Modification Tips

If you need to make the workouts easier OR harder, I've included an entire section to this! You'll learn how to manipulate a variety of factors including volume and tempo to make the workout work for you.


The Workout Tracker Template & Load Calculator spreadsheet is included to help you keep track of your progress!

Stop letting life get in the way of your progress

Buy NOW for only $37

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Antonia Henry, MS

I'm Antonia and I'm a coach & trainer specializing in pregnancy & postpartum, strength training, sustainable weight loss. I'm passionate about educating my clients by utilizing evidence-based practices. I've empowered 100s of clients with the knowledge & confidence to hop into the drivers' seat on their lifelong health & fitness endeavors.

I have a Masters of Science in Applied Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Human Movement Science, I'm a certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer & 2oo Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.