The Mission




Empowerment Through Education

Here at A1 Fit Coaching, evidence-based practices are the gold standard.


Research is transformed into reality to facilitate your unique long-term health & fitness success! Imagine if your health & fitness was so dialed in that it didn't stress you out and you could just LIVE and enjoy life… my mission is to make sure that reality is in reach.


It's way too hard to find unbiased, legitimate health & fitness information for the average person.


The shady part is: that is by design. Why? Repeat customers are built into the “quick fix” coaching framework. That's why I made it my business to fill the gap I saw in the industry through a truly evidence-based lens (which prompted getting my Master's & continuing to keep up with new research).


My goal is to translate reputable research into tangible, actionable, and easily understandable pieces of information and advice for the average client, WITHOUT changing the evidence-based messages.


I’m so passionate about educating people - that’s why my motto is “empowerment through education.” 

As your coach, I am dedicated to your success. You can count on me to give you the undivided attention and 100% custom programming you deserve. No cookie-cutter 30 day challenges here! I feel an innate personal and professional responsibility to give each person I train a tailor-made program that will be safe and effective.


As my client, you'll be informed to make unbiased decisions about how to continue on your health & fitness journey. Let's make your goals happen together and let's make those results last!


Diversity & Inclusivity


Too many brands take a lax stand in their diversity & inclusivity statements- but not us.

Let's be clear: There are many spaces on the internet, and in real life, to be hateful and A1 Fit Coaching is NOT one of those!

I proudly serve and do my best to make A1 Fit Coaching an inclusive space for all- regardless of race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of what makes you who you are.

Furthermore, I will not work with any individuals or businesses who do not exude the same values.


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