About Me


Hi, I’m Antonia! (aka the coach you can trust)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I have a Masters degree in Applied Exercise Science, and I'm certified as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist, Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism coach, and 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. When I’m not working with clients or diving into piles of research, you can find me powerlifting, cuddling with my Great Dane, or drinking Gin & Tonic.

My perspective on health & fitness shifted MASSIVELY when I had a bad experience with a coach in 2014. I was training to compete in a bodybuilding competition and I traveled a ton for my corporate sales job at the time so I decided to hire a trainer to help make my prep smoother. The trainer in question claimed to be an expert but ended up raising *all* the red flags with their nutrition guidance (let's just say I got very tired of eating chicken, brown rice, and broccoli).

I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right, so I began to do my own research.

I knew there had to be a better (let’s face it, less bland) way to lose the last few pounds for my competition. I sifted through a DEEP sea of misinformation to finally find solid research that could support my goals and my wellbeing. Not only did I discover a balanced approach to nutrition that made me *feel* strong and athletic (instead of weak and hangry), I won the bodybuilding competition! 

After that W, things got interesting for my career path…

My “nutrition nightmare” experience turned my attention to the quick-fix fixation and the “cookie cutter” programs that were all the rage in the fitness world. I had questions… Where was the research-backed, unbiased approach that allowed people to thrive and maintain their results long-term? I knew so many others who had similar diet horror stories to my own.


A little bit more about me:

 I literally made it my business to cut through the BS and empower others with evidence-based coaching. 

Flash forward to now: I’ve had the privilege to help hundreds of people realize they don’t have to suffer to be fit and healthy. I am so passionate about educating people in ways that actually transform their lives by freeing them from DECADES of falling victim to misinformation and heartache. I'm not the type to hand you a program and say, "good luck." Our time together is a collaborative effort full of learning!

The key to my coaching success is helping people live a healthier life that works FOR them, not against them. 

You will not catch me flashing "30 day challenge before and after" photos on the gram to attract clients. You WILL catch me giving my clients 100% custom programs and encouraging them to overcome obstacles when things get hard. My ideal outcome is for my clients to come away from our time together fully able to understand what they need to do to reach their goals on their own. 

My personal motto is: education is empowerment.

So whether you’re ready to get strong, lose fat, or you’re navigating a pregnancy or postpartum health & fitness journey - know I’m a coach you can trust to lead you to your goals in ways that will continue to facilitate success for you long after we part ways. Check out my 1 on 1 coaching, templated programs, and online courses to get started!

I grew up super active- playing soccer from age 4-18 and I even dabbled in Track (200m) for a few years

Senior year of college, I changed my birth control and gained 20 lbs in one month

6 months later, unable to get the weight off with a Title Boxing membership, I decided to get serious and find a Personal Trainer

I entered and won my 1st and only Bodybuilding competition after doing 80% of my own training and nutrition

Afterwards I was shredded, but weak and so I began Crossfit & Powerlifting- prioritizing strength over aesthetics. I had a spectacular coach & mentor who would dive into programming and the WHYs & I started working (informally) with other gym members on their nutrition

I placed in every Powerlifting meet, winning various medals and trophies

I suffered a few injuries that compounded on one another over a few years time

Between getting divorced, moving back across the country, and a new job, my physical & mental health suffered

I started coaching Group PT classes and totally fell in love with it

I hit “rock bottom” physically and dedicated myself to becoming pain free & I discovered Hot Yoga (at CorePower in SE PDX)

After 4 disastrous experiences at other Portland area clinics, I finally discovered Dr. Patrick Webinger & the team at Ascent Physical Therapy

I completed an M.S. in Applied Exercise Science with a concentration in Corrective Exercise at Concordia University Chicago, in December of 2020 with a 3.86 GPA

Now you’re up to date!